Your best

Have you done your very best? As a parent, as a wife or husband, in service or ministry? Have you done your best? Then let it be enough. Your best is enough. The Lord is not looking for perfection from you, He is that. Have you aligned yourself with His will for your life and done your best…. Up to the minute? Then relax, its harvest time!

Now, if you haven’t done your best, and the consequences are all around you, ask God to forgive you. Ask the “others” involved to forgive you as well, and get moving in the right direction for your life today. #Counsel4Living IMG_1244


Sharp curves ahead


In life sometimes there’s a warning sign, while sometimes there isn’t. We’re all just cruising along the road of familiarity, when suddenly the terrain shifts. An illness, lost job, death or divorce can leave us reeling.

Everyone traveling the road of life is subject to sudden shifts. There’s no fail proof formula, but some seem more equipped than others at facing life’s sharp curves. Is it in their DNA, their personalities, their beliefs or their thinking?

How are you preparing today, for tomorrow’s challenges? 


It’s not too late

After a weekend of events and treats, today’s a good day to get in a workout. It’s not too late! Pick a pair of shoes and make it happen. Run, walk, bike, box or whichever workout suits you. Start your week off strong! #Counsel4LivingIMG_3513

Who is your God?

Go ahead and make your partner, mate, husband or wife your God. You’ll be disappointed soon. Life is bigger than your primary relationship. Think about it and pursue healthy balance. Nothing lasts that is suffocated. #Counsel4Living

Download my daily living guide for help with pursuing balance in your relationships.


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Take all your knowledge, plus experience, and teach!

Teach your daughters and your sons. Teach your neighbors and their kids, teach in your peer groups, teach your pew mates and your Sunday schools.

If you’ve learned something and it’s useful, share it with someone… Teach.


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You don’t have to

You don’t have to ever go to church, or like anyone who calls themselves a christian, or care for any religious person. Just be sure to get in touch with your creator, and ask Him why he created you.

Today is a good day to find out.

“So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” Genesis 1:27 #Bible


About Valentine’s Day

Try not to create a climate of “have to” around you. Allow that special someone to be and to do what genuinely comes from their heart. Their expression of care for you may not be presented according to your wishes, but learn from it.

1. How to offer your partner what you’d like to receive.
2. Who you’re connected to and how they express themselves.
3. What really works for you and how to communicate that effectively for desired results.

Make it a good day. ❤️ #Counsel4Living


Lean toward the light


Regular conversations with unhealthy people can make you feel bad. Consider interacting with someone who brings light to dark spaces. You know who that is, when you talk to them or even think of them you feel better. Lean toward the light today. If you don’t have any light-bearing friends, download my devotional for a paradigm shift.

Go team fitness

Go ahead and workout today! There are only twenty-eight days in February, so let’s set a goal of working out most days this month. Notice I didn’t say everyday… all efforts are accepted. Don’t let March catch you feeling like a sack of potatoes! Invest in yourself by exercising. Let me know how you’re doing by liking this post. Go team fitness!


Year in review


Why wait until December to assess how your 2015 was? We are one month in, why not look back over your shoulder now?

Have you done what you set out to do so far?
Have you kept your word?
Is your household in order?
How are your kids?
Your business?
Your money?

Now, don’t feel overwhelmed by this list of questions. Answer what you can and work. On the rest. Download my book for a day-to-day check up, from the inside out. We can do it ! 👍