Seal all cracks

Winter is on its way. Now is a good time to seal all the cracks around your home, both literally and figuratively. Sealing the cracks in your property prevents water, air, bugs and pests from entering. Similarly, doing so in your relationship and your armour is going to save you a lot of damage control down the line.

Take some time this week to inspect your property, check. Then take a sweeping look at your relationship, check. Now, if you’re a Christian, examine your armour against Ephesians 6. Ready for this season? Check.

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Get in the water


Are you feeling stuck or in a dry place of some sort? Water is healing. Water represents movement. Maybe you’ve heard of someone experiencing depression or some other mental challenge, who was not bathing regularly. Maybe that person is you, or someone you love. I want to encourage you to get in the water. It may not solve everything that ails you, but its a good start to feeling better.

The bathtub, the shower, a jacuzzi, a pool or lake. It depends on your climate and available sources of water, use what you have and get in the water. The water will refresh you and help clear your mind. Water is capable of pressing the reset button on fatigue and clouded perspective. If you’re a creative, it may even cause fresh inspiration to flow. Just get in the water, and be sure to tell me how it went.

Coming Soon: One A Day Nuggets For Success by Karla U. Taylor

You’re a writer, so write.

IMG_1057These were my thoughts when I awoke this morning. On the threshold of my first book release, coming soon to your favorite eReader, there is a lot I want to say… I’ve already said so much.

To the countless women I’ve mentored in person and through my blogging over the years. To the audiences I’ve spoken to from pulpits to conference rooms, to living rooms and every coffee shop in between. When it wasn’t the trend to showcase one’s every move on YouTube or social media… I wrote, I spoke, I taught.

To the numerous circles of warm-hearted prayer groups holding hands with heads bowed. To all the folks at the retreats and conferences where I presented. To the couples and families I’ve counseled, passing tissues to dry tear-stained cheeks. Sharing laughter over progress made and saying “good-bye” when they were strong enough to go it alone. I speak, I lead, I share, I teach, I write.

So when I awoke this morning thinking, how shall I let them all know I’ve written a book. A book they may find useful in the next leg of their life’s journey. A book written to inspire the reader to daily reach for wholeness from the inside out. A book that challenges the reader to think. Before the television news, before your first meetings of the day, before your mind races out of the gate and becomes too cluttered to still… I write.

Coming soon!

One A Day Nuggets For Success By Karla U. Taylor

I’m ninety!

Last Friday my husband and I took advantage of a beautiful fall day by going out to brunch. As we approached the restaurant door there was an elderly couple also approaching. Their movement was slow and deliberate. Supporting each other by the forearm, they made their way to the entrance. We yielded, allowing them to proceed ahead of us. When we got in the waiting area the wife said, “Thank you so much for letting us pass, we’re ninety!” “Ninety! We replied, well that’s great!” While waiting to be seated she told us of her sixty-eight years of marriage and good health.

During our brief conversation at least three times she enthusiastically declared “I’m ninety and I’m healthy!” What an inspiration! In a nation where the elderly are not always celebrated and where aging is often viewed as a burden or to be avoided. I was blessed to encounter a healthy ninety year old couple smiling, chatting and full of optimism. I don’t know that I want to live to be ninety, but encountering them was a real treat!

Later during our meal my husband and I looked across the restaurant to discover they had been joined by another elderly couple. They even had friends! 😊

Gifts come in all kinds of packages. Offer good today and look for a return, one way or another. #Counsel4Living

About Coffee

Did you know that a cup of coffee a day can ward off Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease? It’s true, check the literature. Conversely that same coffee, if consumed in excess, can spike your blood pressure, cause agitation, increase anxiety and nervous jitters. Wow, talk about polar opposites! So what’s the answer for coffee lovers? Moderation.

Seek to Consume a moderate amount of coffee per day. Start with an 8 ounce mug and see where that takes you. If two of those races your heart and makes you anxious, back off the two and go back to one. It’s trial and error like many other things. The key is to learn your body’s signals and treat it right! 👍

Have a good weekend everybody and enjoy that morning coffee ☕️☕️


 The  threshold of a new season is a good time to streamline everything and get some order after a busy summer. You’ll experience less stress if you streamline everything you can, when you can.

Talk less

Text less

Buy less

Give or throw away broken and useless items

Eat less

Streamline your workout routine to a total body one

Pray more

There are times when life gets overwhelmingly busy and stuff in our environments can get out of control. Family issues, work issues and life’s maintenance can totter us off-balance… When you come to yourself, stop and regroup. Now is a good time to do this. Settle yourself and take stock of everything around you. Establish order in the areas of your life that are within your ability to manage. Doing so will diminish stress and prepare you for all that the next season holds for you and yours. Shalom 😎 ✌️#Counsel4Living

We don’t know a lot ’til

We’ve sat through a couple of closings

Sat in a couple of emergency rooms

Walked through a couple of first days

Buried a few cars… And some special people too

Watched our kids little giggles turn into “Mom,… I’ve got this.”

Aced a couple of interviews , and the exit ones too

Created something useful for others

Realize that all humans are connected

Give of ourselves and our resources to a cause

“Could” do a lot of things, but “choose” not to

Listen more than we speak

And don’t need to speak until we have something valuable to say 😉

Happy Saturday! #Counsel4Living