About Valentine’s Day

Try not to create a climate of “have to” around you. Allow that special someone to be and to do what genuinely comes from their heart. Their expression of care for you may not be presented according to your wishes, but learn from it.

1. How to offer your partner what you’d like to receive.
2. Who you’re connected to and how they express themselves.
3. What really works for you and how to communicate that effectively for desired results.

Make it a good day. ❤️ #Counsel4Living


Lean toward the light


Regular conversations with unhealthy people can make you feel bad. Consider interacting with someone who brings light to dark spaces. You know who that is, when you talk to them or even think of them you feel better. Lean toward the light today. If you don’t have any light-bearing friends, download my devotional for a paradigm shift.

Go team fitness

Go ahead and workout today! There are only twenty-eight days in February, so let’s set a goal of working out most days this month. Notice I didn’t say everyday… all efforts are accepted. Don’t let March catch you feeling like a sack of potatoes! Invest in yourself by exercising. Let me know how you’re doing by liking this post. Go team fitness!


Year in review


Why wait until December to assess how your 2015 was? We are one month in, why not look back over your shoulder now?

Have you done what you set out to do so far?
Have you kept your word?
Is your household in order?
How are your kids?
Your business?
Your money?

Now, don’t feel overwhelmed by this list of questions. Answer what you can and work. On the rest. Download my book for a day-to-day check up, from the inside out. We can do it ! 👍


If you have a vision, you should be working.

Visionaries don’t wait for someone to hire them. Do the work. Do it with what’s in your hand now. Empty your hand and more will come to you…. On purpose, for purpose. #Counsel4Living

Download my daily devotional for encouragement on your entrepreneurial journey.


Grace and Peace to you today.


Just a thought…

Use what you don’t like about your life and turn it into something beneficial.




IMG_1181Are you at an impasse?

It may take a while to move forward and you may be frustrated, but don’t give up. I know, I know you’ve heard this before, but have you heard it recently, just when you needed to hear it?

So this task, project or situation seems insurmountable. Maybe you don’t have the tools to complete it, naturally or emotionally. If you’re clear on one next step, just take that one. Trusting that once you do, the other steps will unfold before you.

It’s Wednesday, you can do it!