Take all your knowledge, plus experience, and teach!

Teach your daughters and your sons. Teach your neighbors and their kids, teach in your peer groups, teach your pew mates and your Sunday schools.

If you’ve learned something and it’s useful, share it with someone… Teach.



Everybody wants to be it. Many are it. Some days you feel it, some days you don’t.

This past weekend while in New York, I saw the Harlem Gospel Choir. They performed at BB King’s restaurant and music venue in Times Square. What a treat! It was a gospel brunch, which was fitting for a Sunday. Folks from around the world filled the space, ate good food, sang along and clapped.

My family and I loved the whole event! One of the highlights was the singing of the “happy song”. You know the one! Pharrell Williams international singing, dancing, everybody be happy song. Anyway, google it if you don’t. So, one of the choir members begins to lead the happy song and the whole room jumped to their feet! Clapping, swaying and singing the happy song. The people in front of us were from Spain, next to us New Jersey, on our other side they sang loudly in a Croatian accent?? You get the point. Everybody wanted to feel and be happy… And we were, in that moment, happy.

Now, on a regular Wednesday AM back in Chicagoland I’m reflecting on how to sustain that happy state all humans desire. No one lives there 24/7, but do you think it’s possible to have regular access to happiness? I do.



The door of opportunity that’s open today, may be shut tomorrow.

I know it’s important that you be on time, but do you have the wisdom to move “in time”? If you haven’t developed that ability to move according to inner guidance, you may have to circle around the mountain twenty more times to reach a desired outcome.

Practice discernment and move when prompted. #Counsel4Living

True Story: The other day leaving a grocery store parking lot, I saw a woman walking along the side of the road. It was 90+ degrees that day. She had a bulging back pack strapped on and a grocery sack in each hand as she proceeded slowly down the rocky road. From behind I could see how exhausted she was. Clearly, she was doing what she had to do with what she had… Her hands and her feet. I respect that.

And there I was, in a luxury vehicle, with the AC on high. Before I knew it, I slammed on the brakes, let the window down and asked her if she could use a ride home?What?!? In 2014 with all the bizarre occurrences among people letting a stranger into your car may not be a good idea, but this decision was bigger than me.

I could hear myself asking her “Could you use a ride home? It’s awfully hot out. ” She examined me searchingly, tentatively. She asked if I was even going her way, as she pointed down the road. She didn’t live far, she didn’t want to put me out. “No problem.” I stated, “I’m going that way too.” She crossed in front of the car and got in the passenger seat. She was nervous and sat very still. I’m sure she was hoping I wasn’t nuts with a sinister plan. I hoped the same about her.

I introduced myself and chatted, she only replied. When we pulled in front of her place she thanked me and I reminded her that God saw her today and will help her if she asks Him. He uses people you know :)

She said, “God Bless You.” I replied “Thank you Ruby.” I drove off smiling. What an interesting opportunity, huh?



The other day I was in the flow of my “to do” list when a couple of friends were suddenly chatty :). Though I had much to do, I stopped a minute to listen to what they were saying and reply. I made a conscious decision to reply and I was refreshed and smiling as a result.

Life is full of activities, demands and obligations, but what a blessing to have good friends who “get you” to laugh and talk with about it all.

If you find yourself in a place of figuring out who’s who in your life. Here’s a general filter:

Real friends enrich your life by their presence.
Real friends make you smile and laugh.
Real friends are present.