Busy body

Sometimes doing so much doesn’t yield any answers we seek.image It just busys (is that a word 👀 lol) the body. Remember- we are human beings, not human doings. The mind transforms circumstances, not excessive activity. Consider sitting still long enough to change your mind, then transformation will follow. Take it easy breezy :).


imageEverything doesn’t have to be so complicated. If you need support-call out, reach out, or lift your hands to be picked up. Move whatever works on you and let the rest unfold. #DoYourPart.

It’s a good day to start fresh

imageIt’s a good day to start fresh on “whatever”. The month of August is a transitional month. Mornings and evenings feel like fall in many places, students are preparing  for school and parents too. Change is totally in the air. So why not ride the momentum by applying this energy for transition to your life where it fits. Maybe you don’t have kids going to school, but you’ve meant to take a class in something that interests you. How about that home makeover project you’ve been thinking about? You could start small and make a change. Are you a creative? Did you start that latest project? What about your relationships, are they working? Can you effect a change in them for the better?  Take small steps, or crawl, just please don’t sit idle. Afterall, who should steer the handle bars of your life?

I’m reading the Bible… and you?


This little guy is adorable and wise… There’s some good stuff in this book :)

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I'm reading the BibleThere’s all kinds of great literature around the world. As an English literature undergrad, I personally like Shakespeare best. But none of the literature I’ve ever read compares to the Bible.

It’s all good. The themes have made me a better person, nobler, with refined sentiments. But only the Bible is God’s spoken word to help man get to Heaven.

You can pay attention to the Huffington Post and their brand of recently formulated morality. Or you can base yourself on the formula that has worked for ages, that existed before the foundation of the world.

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Real life, not virtual life

imageIt’s still summer! Get off the computer and get outside. I love the image I selected for this blog post because it reflects my attitude toward summer… Easy breezy. I have the time to consider this, because I’ve raised my kid, I’ve designed my life’s work, I set my own hours and I play really hard… thankfully.

Social media is great…its our worlds technological pulse and it’s not going anywhere, but be careful to not miss life while you’re on your gadgets. If you follow me on twitter, LinkedIn, google+ or here on WordPress, you’ll see that I’m posting less. Why? Because I’m living life, not observing it through a screen…yikes! Yes, I said it. On line interaction takes a lot of time and it can easily absorb too much time and get anyone out of balance. Careful… stay connected to your “real” life… engage it and the people, places and hobbies you care about.

I may shout you out on a break from gardening, cooling down from a workout, in the passenger seat on my way to dinner, during intermission at a concert, or from a plane before take off and it would be great if you responded in kind, but please live your life! Not your virtual life, your real one. See ya! Time for yoga.


Living Life


As I promised, another post on living without fear. Have a peaceful weekend.

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Not waiting, not withholding, with clear focus I’m living my life.

Not hating, not hindering, with an open heart I’m living my life.

Not fearful, not wavering, but with courage and conviction, I’m living my life.

#Counsel4Living… and you can do it too!

Wall of freedom Philadelphia ~ Zenos Frudakis

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Not afraid of heights


So much happening around the world today promotes fear, if we’ll allow it to. This week I’ll be reblogging some posts that encourage us all to not be afraid. Go ahead, get out there and live your life without fear. You’re not alone. Courageous folks are all around you!

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fear-238x300If you feel something bigger inside you than where you are or what you’re doing, don’t be afraid to go up high.

Fear immobilizes, faith catapults.

Ever been to the edge of a rooftop, hiking, or on a high rise balcony? You know that bottomless sensation as you look over the edge? It’s hard to not imagine yourself falling when traffic and people below are mere specks. Simultaneously, the perspective from the aerial view opens the heart and mind.  Being up high can refresh perspective and renew vision. It’s good to go “up high” periodically and look around.

God is my strength and power: and He maketh my way perfect.

He maketh my feet like hinds’ feet: and setteth me upon my high places.

He teacheth my hands to war; so that a bow of steel is broken by mine arms.

2 Samuel 22:33-35 KJV

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