To Do

Ok, so you have a growing “to do” list. Springtime seems to prompt those. Simmer down and prioritize. Things didn’t come undone in one day did they? Nope! That yard, that car, those bills, that laundry, those files… You fill in the blanks. They accumulated, became dirty, needed maintenance over time. So give yourself a break. Make a list, prioritize and whittle away at it a little each day.

You’ve got this! 👍


COMING THIS SPRING: Counsel4Living’s first Daily Living Guide – STAY TUNED


Communication is key.

Don’t sit in silence and wonder. Have a conversation. It’s much easier to open a dialogue than to avoid it and let imagination and assumptions develop. Need to get something off your chest. Arrange a time when all parties are likely to be rested and calm, then talk about it.

Don’t forget! Use wisdom in the time you select to have your conversation. Ask, “Is this a good time?”



I went to see the movie Noah over the weekend, as I tweeted I would. Well… I enjoyed the movie! I found it entertaining, which is typically why I go to the movies, so it accomplished its purpose.

Sure, I had heard faint rumblings over controversy surrounding some biblical inaccuracies in the content. Nonetheless, I let them remain just that, faint rumblings, and decided to draw my own conclusion by viewing it. I like Russell Crowe, I like Noah, and I believe the story of the flood, so I was excited to see the movie.

It didn’t offend me. Was it the story of Noah exactly as one may read in the Bible? No. That still didn’t offend me. It’s a movie, about a character in the Bible. It’s a movie, about a story in the Bible, produced by a contemporary Hollywood producer. Why would I place the onus for biblical accuracy on a Hollywood film script? I can read the Bible myself for that. The parts of the movie that I knew to be inaccurate, I simply discarded and asked my husband to pass the soda :)

In the midst of all the buzz, you may want to see it for yourself. If I were not a Bible reader and I went to see the movie, its beautiful presentation of the creation story, the fall of man and the judgement of God issued by water, would prompt me to read Genesis for myself and consider getting into some kind of arc…Today!


The Past

Ever talk to someone who’s always talking about what they used to do and how it used to be? Oh my goodness, Let’s move on already! It’s in the rearview mirror for a reason… step on the gas!

Don’t let anyone or any memory hold you hostage to the past. Make a new memory today :)



There are right connections in each season of your life designed to teach you new things, expose you to new ideas and stretch your potential. Clue: When you leave their presence or end a conversation with them do you feel encouraged, motivated and enlightened?
Or is the opposite true? ….Vexation, frustration, discouragement, agitation. There’s a message there as well.
Go with those who embody support and encouragement, and when you get a chance, offer some back by affirming them and expressing gratitude.

Learn to listen. Don’t be the unteachable one. Learning should stop when you stop breathing. Until then, open your mind to the reality that there are those who know things that you do not (clue).

I Stopped by a vendors table at an event the other day to learn about their services. After the introductory greeting the vendor asked me if I was an entrepreneur? My answer wasn’t how she perceived me and she began to tell me how I might expand on what is within me. Now, I didn’t ask for this, and her presentation was stern, but I stood there respectfully and listened so I could learn something (there’s another clue) and guess what, I did! After I attended to her politely, she introduced me to someone else, who definitely has some next level insight and information I will find useful. Eureka!

Got the message? Now go! Make it a great day and look for some right connections :) This blog may be just that for you… See you next time!


HD Living

When I opened my journal this morning, the bookmark was on Friday November 29, 2013. Who knows why since today is definitely March 24, 2014. I journal most days and place the book mark on the current day… Well, at least I intend to. My eyes dropped to the bottom of the page and here’s what I found:

Life should be full of color, full of texture, rich with meaning and seasoned with purpose. Don’t miss it merely surviving. #Counsel4Livingart-quilt-stash

Hmm, that’s a clever musing! I can’t recall whether I posted it, tweeted it or published it on my app. I write a lot… Use it if you find it useful and share it with a friend. I believe it and am discovering it to be true.

And by the way, twenty-one years ago today, I had a baby! Whaaat… where did the time go? chuckling… and she’s turning out to be quite a delightful young woman!

COMING THIS SPRING: Counsel4Living’s first Daily Living Guide – STAY TUNED

Put a lid on it

Is there too much alcohol in your body? You know it shows on your face right? If you want a clear, firm complexion, you’re gonna need to cut down on your alcohol intake, especially before bed. Wanna save your complexion??? Put a lid on it …20140322-092221.jpg

Ouch! I know that hurt. I’ll say something that makes you feel a little better another day. :)