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Happy Thanksgiving Day! From the #Counsel4Living archives . Grace and Peace.

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The best things to be said have been said already, now it is only about audience and timing. kutaylor

In two days people in America will gather round tables with loved ones and friends (hopefully this has been happening all year-long). Either way, someone will engage in some type of thankful discourse.  A poem, a passage a round table of what I’m thankful fors :)

Personally, I’m so terribly bored with the “have-tos” of our culture and so for some years now I have offered thanks well in advance of the day. Calling friends and family to say…”You’re cool, I appreciate you…thanks for being there! I do this days, weeks or even a month ahead of time as my heart is moved to do so.  This way, by the time Thanksgiving arrives I am free of the “day of” pressure. Free to flow into my day without a  ridiculous 20 item…

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How’s it going thanksgiving week thrivers? Well it’s day two of this thriving during thanksgiving week series and here’s what’s on my heart to share with you today.

Don’t make things more complicated than they have to be. Don’t have a turkey? Don’t want a turkey? Have corned beef (that’s what we’re having) or gumbo or pasta! Purchase and prepare what suits you, or order it in. Just don’t let food, its acquisition, preparation, and presentation throw you in a tizzy.

It’s food! Keep it in perspective. It’s purpose is for nourishment, not to overwhelm us, so don’t let it. Cook what you have and serve it on available dishes. Who said they had to match? Lol.

Tidy up the house, but don’t throw your back out cleaning. Clean floors, tables and counters can get you to Friday. If you didn’t clean top to bottom before Thanksgiving day (a good idea for next year) keep it general and try to relax. Being in a cleaning and cooking frenzy will ruin your day. Don’t do it. Pace yourself. Tidy up, cook, serve simply and smile :).

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Start early

Ok Thanksgiving week thrivers here we go:

Get your workout in at the start of each day this week.
Make it your priority. No matter who’s visiting or what they’re doing. Invest at least 30 minutes in your heart health. Walk, run, yoga, bike, elliptical… Use whatever is available to you for a workout. Just do it! Then for the rest of this day make good nutritional choices👍. #Counsel4Living

Write you tomorrow!IMG_1102.JPG

Hey everybody


This week is Thanksgiving in America. How will you be celebrating? I want you to know you’re not alone. So all week I’ll be posting some information you might find useful as you celebrate the holiday.

Whether your family resembles a hallmark greeting commercial or not, decide to thrive this week, Okay? Check back here daily, and leave me a comment if you read something you can use.

Six days from now Thanksgiving will be history, yet again. Let’s do this together! Write to you later :)

Rest and trust

As soon as you loosen your hold on a matter, it’s free to evolve into what it’s meant to be. Stop fretting and trust God. #Counsel4Living

Mark 6:39 (Amp) Then He commanded the people all to recline on the green grass by companies.
Psalm 23:2 (Amp) He makes me lie down in [fresh, tender] green pastures; He leads me beside the still and restful waters.


Seal all cracks

Winter is on its way. Now is a good time to seal all the cracks around your home, both literally and figuratively. Sealing the cracks in your property prevents water, air, bugs and pests from entering. Similarly, doing so in your relationship and your armour is going to save you a lot of damage control down the line.

Take some time this week to inspect your property, check. Then take a sweeping look at your relationship, check. Now, if you’re a Christian, examine your armour against Ephesians 6. Ready for this season? Check.

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Get in the water


Are you feeling stuck or in a dry place of some sort? Water is healing. Water represents movement. Maybe you’ve heard of someone experiencing depression or some other mental challenge, who was not bathing regularly. Maybe that person is you, or someone you love. I want to encourage you to get in the water. It may not solve everything that ails you, but its a good start to feeling better.

The bathtub, the shower, a jacuzzi, a pool or lake. It depends on your climate and available sources of water, use what you have and get in the water. The water will refresh you and help clear your mind. Water is capable of pressing the reset button on fatigue and clouded perspective. If you’re a creative, it may even cause fresh inspiration to flow. Just get in the water, and be sure to tell me how it went.

Coming Soon: One A Day Nuggets For Success by Karla U. Taylor