Karla Unger Taylor MEd

Counsel4Living is an inspirational brand that offers tools for living well and living whole. Karla's extensive background in Human Services and her experience as a Family therapist with group practices led to the birth of Counsel4Living in 2012. She is known for her ability to establish rapport, discern the issue and coach clients toward their goals. 


Take some time each day to quiet your mind and open your spirit. One A Day Nuggets For Success is a tool to help you maximize your daily living. You're here for a reason, you've got purpose, you want to sort it all out and get to it. This book will help you do just that!

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"My wife and I have been coming to Karla for about a year at this point and wouldn’t recommend anyone else. We consider ourselves to be driven, strong-willed individuals and may not be the easiest couple to counsel. Karla has shot straight with us since the beginning, and we greatly need that. Unlike other counselors that ask questions until the clock runs out, Karla is able to intuit unspoken root causes and  work toward a tangible solution. Our communication has flourished under her counsel and her wisdom has assisted in helping us be self aware, both individually and as a couple."


"Karla has helped me figure out life's challenges over the years. She is down to earth and spirit led, offering not only sound and practical advice, but bible teachings as well. Her professionalism, wisdom and understanding of women and married couples has helped me in ways I know only God could have orchestrated. Whenever I need a tune up, she is always a phone call or visit away."


"Working with Karla was truly life changing. She kindly and powerfully affirmed strengths in me. She validated my experiences as real and honored the intensity I felt my experiences held, while simultaneously helping me take a step back and evaluate what was going on beneath those knee-jerk responses. She helped me recognize triggering experiences and spoke life and truth into them. She modeled what speaking life and truth to tender, broken places looks like and therefore coached and taught me how to navigate my life experiences differently. More grounded. More empowered. More confident. I highly recommend working with Karla, her enthusiasm and zeal for life lived well are contagious."


"Life can throw you so many tests and trials. In my time of stress, I needed an objective Christian perspective. Karla has a special gift to listen and speak hope into lives. I am forever grateful for our conversations!"


I met Karla on Martha’s Vineyard at Vineyard Square. She was a shining light standing at the coffee/tea station. I’m not sure what prompted me to talk to her. Yet in just a flash we started chatting about life, relationships, body image and wellness. I found myself sharing things that I would just not say to a stranger. I feel like I have known her forever. She has left an indelible print and inspiration for bringing congruity in mind, body and spirit in our short conversation. Thank you Karla! I’m so glad we met.


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