Have you observed athletes, entertainers or entrepreneurs that are uber successful, who did not spend a lot of time, maybe just the minimum in school? It’s something to think about as you weigh how to allocate your dollars and energy on higher education. A formal education teaches you a body of knowledge. It grooms you on how to think, how to be resourceful, how to endure challenges. What it may not do for you is open up lucrative income. That part is going to be up to you. Part skill set, part creativity, partly what you embody.

It’s not one’s pursuit of a particular course of study that guarantees open doors. Instead, it’s who you know you are that translates into opportunities. Go to school? Yes, but take the limits off yourself after you do, and go for what’s in your heart.

Let it move you

Out on my walk this morning, this was the first song on my play list. Hearing it caused me to feel exhilarated!… in touch with the divine. 

Put your ear buds in, close your eyes, and let it move you. Move from one stagnant thought to an energized one, move from pain and discontent to gratitude. If you can hear this song or feel the vibrations of it. Let it move you.

New Year

Be your authentic selfimage

Pursue your authentic path

Do it with gusto

Now that the balls have dropped, the stars have risen, the horns have been blown. Let’s go!

Happy New Year to you and your family from me and mine. Grace and Peace be with you as you run your race this year. #Counsel4Living

Food is fuel

imageWatch what you put in your body. Food is fuel for life. If the food you’re eating makes you feel bad, reconsider your nutritional choices. Take the time to determine what foods don’t agree with you and search for a more beneficial alternative. You can’t do life well without health.


Music brings all people together.

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. Relax and enjoy your family, your friends, yourself. Take a look at this video of superstars jamming on class room instruments, having a blast and follow suit.

Find what makes you feel joyous and focus your attention right there. Practice living a little more carefree. I know life may not be a full time party, but why not lighten up anyway? Why not? Doing so just may cause the shift that you need to occur. Hello!


Giving thanks

So thankful for all of you – readers, tweeters, bloggers, family and friends. What an awesome year it has been! From my family to yours with tons of gratitudešŸšŸ‚šŸŒ¾

Powerful message

Tell your teenagers it’s okay to be who they are. Encourage their individuality. Help them find the outlet for it. And while you’re supporting them, parents or mentors, hit the refresh button on this message for yourself. I love it! It’s on the play list.

No thanks!

When I look back on poor decisions made in pain or emotional turmoil I say, “No thanks”.

From a point of clarity, “No thanks”.

My head is on straight now, so “No thanks “.

I may be alone, but “No thanks”.

From my true self, with courage and conviction. I say again to you, to this, or that – ” No thanks!”

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They don’t have to like it

I am so glad I grew up in the era where a persons self-worth was not determined by likes or retweets. Where self-confidence was established in the home environment. Acceptance came from people who knew you, literally knew you, not virtuallyĀ . When a handful of quality relationships could carry a person a lifetime. No one really has hundreds of friends. The notion is laughable. Who are we if we check social media more times a day than we engage face to face conversations in a month? Do you have three people you could call who would come to your home in a crisis? Would you be comfortable with them seeing you just as you are? No hair and makeup or barbers cut and shave. Can you have a phone conversation with them?

What is the source of your self-confidence? It comes from within, not external validation. Eventually external validation is good, we all need it. Being supported and understood is comforting. In the event that does not occur just when you need it. What are you working with in your inner man? Can it carry you, alone.

“I will lift up my eyes to the hillsā€”
From whence comes my help?

My help comes from the Lord,
Who made heaven and earth.” Psalm 121:1-2 NKJV


One of many

imageWhen you look out of your personal lens at the world, remember you’re one of many. So don’t take yourself so seriously. “It” can get done without you.